Why Choose Eisan Auto?

We Are Reliable

With more than 20 years of experience in the business of import-and-export we understand clearly the needs and requirements of our customers in the international market. Specially the importance of trust and reliability to deliver what it has been agreed and promised.
Excellent condition, Top Quality for a good price. We always perform regular and personal inspection of each and every vehicle to ensure they all meet the standard and quality to satisfy our customers.

Why You Should Choose Eisan Co., Ltd.?

Clear data, clean business. We show all available data to our customers, we make sure that our customers understand the exact condition of the vehicles. The original auction inspection sheets are uploaded and available to your customers so they can see the exact details and grading or the vehicles.

Why Our Stock?

All our vehicles are inspected by our professional staff before and after the vehicle is acquired to ensure that the vehicles is in top condition as promised to our customers. We make sure that the vehicles are free from rust and mold.
Eisan Auto
Eisan Auto
Eisan Auto
Eisan Auto
Eisan Auto
Eisan Auto

Why Our Auction Service?

Needless to say, our rates are the lowest in the market. As experts in the export business we know how to focus in quality-delivery and profit acquisition by increasing the number of units sold rather than heavily increasing the cost of individual units.
Furthermore, just like our stock vehicles, in order to ensure the quality of the vehicle, our professional staff conducts inspection before the auction and before the shipment of the vehicle. Quality and performance are assured.

Eisan Co., Ltd. is a Member of JUMVEA.

We are a member of the Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporter Association JUMVEA (Reg. 0058), which is the most reputable organization recognized and availed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of the Japanese Government.

In other words, Japanese quality at the best price. Committed to customer satisfaction.
As a company with more than 20 years in the import-export business, we clearly understand the importance of providing our customers with the best quality and the best price; this is why through our global network, we are always cutting down unnecessary and wasteful costs. We are offering/proving our customers the best vehicle and the best service in the market.

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